A film by Niv Klainer 2009 / Fiction / 86 / Hebrew

Amos lives alone with his schizophrenic teenage son, whom he refuses to intern in the psychiatry ward - he knows only too well how they treat their patients there. One day, Amos brings home a Thai young woman, an illegal alien called Bena. Amos hopes to find some "normality" through this female presence, but things do not work out as he expected.

Production: Transfax - Marek Rozenbaum and Itai Tamir
Director: Niv Klainer
Cinematographer: Itay Marom
Editor: Assaf Korman
Original music: Adi Gelbart

Torronto film festival 2009
Karlovi-vari film festival 2010
Photographs from the set: Amit Berlowitz
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